Little Bareilles Things

A tumblr dedicated to the little things we love about the amazing Ms. Sara Bareilles.

Oh hey!

We’re back and we’re taking requests.

As a reminder - here is a list of the Little Bareilles Things that we’ve already covered.

1. Her nose piercing

2. Her tweets

3. Her covers

4. Her tattoos

5. Her potty mouth

6. Her love for her band

7. Her smile 

8. Her signature

9. The faces she makes while singing

10. Her boozing habits

11. Her converses

12. Her sense of humor

13. Her voice

14. Her hair

15. Red lipstick

16. “This is a guitar. You guys it’s not a big deal. People play ‘em all the time… It’s not a big deal you guys. People play these all the time.”

17. Live at the Fillmore

Any requests?


Do you guys like the pictures behind the “little things” or did you want me to do solid colors like other “little things” blogs?

Anonymous asked: Do you have a personal blog too??

Yes I do but I’m not really ready to start giving that out. ¬†This tumblr is just all about the Sara love.